CO-CARBON Leader Leena Järvi Receives 2021 Timothy Oke Award

CO-CARBON consortium leader, Associate Professor Leena Järvi (University of Helsinki) has received the 2021 Timothy Oke Award for valuable contributions to the field of urban climate, awarded by the International Association for Urban Climate (IAUC). Järvi received the award alongside Professor Benjamin Bechtel (Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany) and Dr Iain D. Stewart (Fellow at the Global Cities Institute, University of Toronto, Canada).

The award is admitted annually to early-mid career researchers for exceptional work in their field. IAUC states that ‘Leena is a highly regarded researcher in the field of urban micrometeorology who has made numerous innovative, long-lasting and diverse contributions. She consistently works at the leading edge using a range of novel and traditional measurement techniques as well as developing modelling tools to generate new insights. Her outstanding publication record is impressively varied, including significant contributions on air pollution, biogenic and anthropogenic carbon dioxide exchange, cold-climate cities, and the energy and water balance’.

CO-CARBON team congratulates Leena and the other two award-winners!

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