CO-CARBON kick-off brings the team together

The CO-CARBON team consists of more than 20 people from five different institutions

On the 29th of April, current CO-CARBON team members were officially introduced to each other in an online kick-off meeting. The program consisted of introductions of staff members and the seven WPs (working packages) that cover research topics from quantification of carbon storage and fluxes in UGI (urban green infrastructure) to consumer carbon handprint.

Docent Paula Schönach also talked a bit about the Strategic Research Council’s Climate Change and Humans (CLIMATE) Research Program that CO-CARBON is a part of. The final task of the day was to discuss different approaches to carbon-smart UGI in groups and to find common denominators of those approaches.  This  is definitely a discussion that we are looking forward to continuing within the project as well as with our partners and the general audience. CO-CARBON researchers and coordinators will work together on the project at least until the end of 2024.


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