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2023 State Prize for Architecture awarded to Nomaji Landscape Architects

The work of the two researchers of the CO-CARBON project combining science and art is recognized as the Nomaji landscape architect office is awarded for its meritorious and pioneering work in the areas of high-level landscape architecture, innovative design and holistic sustainability. In the office’s work, science is an important dimension and starting point.

Landscape architect office Nomaji’s designs are known for their comprehensive approach to both built and unbuilt environments. Their plans create solutions to the massive challenges of increasing environmental crises such as urban flooding, loss of nature, the heat island phenomenon and the growth of social inequality. In Nomaji’s landscape architecture, the foundation lies in the well-being of the spectrum of life and thus also the creation of a comfortable and livable earth and habitats for people.

Completed in 2020, the courtyard of the Scandic Grand Central hotel next to the Helsinki railway station creates a surprisingly wild oasis with water garden in the middle of the city’s heartbeat. Photo by Caroline Moinel.

The creative work of the office combines art, science and social interaction. The merits of the design activity include large-scale production ranging from park and yard plans to green structure plans for entire cities. Actors like Nomaji are needed to create hope in society, in the fields of architecture and landscape architecture, and to solve the large-scale environmental problems created by the design industry over the last hundred years.

Founded in 2015, Nomaji’s work is based on the design of high-quality environments for people, comprehensive innovative design and an ecological perspective. In addition, the office has organized science afternoons and workshops for children. In the office’s work, science is an important dimension and starting point. Some of Nomaji’s shareholders and employees also work as researchers. At CO-CARBON, Nomaji’s partner landscape architect Mari Ariluoma is developing the Green Factor Tool to help planners and designers in assessing the carbon balance, as well as plant typologies to support carbon-wise choices. Architect Caroline Moinel on her behalf works on the development of life cycle analyzes of urban green. Nomaji’s recent plans include, for example, Kaapelipuisto (2023), Uusikaupunki’s blue-green structure and ecosystem services (2022), Helsinki’s summer streets (2022), Kintterö’s health forest (2021–2022), Postinkantaja common yard (2022), the Sipoonlahti school yard (2020) and Keilaniemi’s beach vision ( 2020).

Kaapelipuisto, completed this year, has a huge variety of species: thousands of perennials (more than 40 different species) and more than 30 trees have been planted in the small park. Photo by Maite González Lauren.

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Group photo: Erica Nyholm

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