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Smart Urban Green Infrastructure Online Course available!

Aalto Excecutive Education (Aalto EE) has produced Smart Urban Green Infrastructure -online course.

This course provides different approaches to Carbon Smart Urban Green Infrastructure. During the course, you will reflect on Urban Mobility Challenges and grasp the context and bigger picture of Urban Mobility, the built environment, and green infrastructure.

This online course is designed to support independent study optimally. It built with faculty members from the Aalto University Department of Built Environment, the Department of Architecture, and researchers from the Co-Carbon project. The course has been co-created with experts from the Co-Carbon project, for example Ranja Hautamäki, Liisa Kulmala, Mari Ariluoma and Outi Tahvonen.

One aim of the course is to leverage the project’s research insights and disseminate the project’s outcomes to a wide audience.

More information and registration can be found from here Aalto University ACCESS or directly from Futurelearn.

Picture is from Aalto University ACCESS.

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