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CO-CARBON WP3 took part in the YHYS 2022 research colloquium

Eugenia Castellazzi from the CO-CARBON workpackage 3 took part in the YHYS 2022 research colloquium.

She presented her paper Intergenerational justice: reflections and applications of a contested concept and took part in the working group 1 Just transition: a pathway to future or just another buzzword?

This working group pointed out that just transition has gained increasing attention in research and public arenas. The interest in just transitions has emerged from the need to consider and reflect upon the issues of social and economic justice in the context of sustainability transitions. The meaning of just transition has expanded enormously from the initial just transition call made by labour unions as well as from the energy transition focused openings in sustainability transition studies.

That workshop combined both the works that reprecent new theoretical and empirical advancements in just transition research, as well as critical works that can challenge the contents or directions of just transition discourse, policy developments, or research.

More information can be found on the event website.

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