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CO-CARBON newsletter 12/22

This CO-CARBON newsletter highlights some of the events that took place during 2022.

Researchers of CO-CARBON working packages have taken part in different events from seminars to lectures and webinars.  The purpose of working packages has been to develop and study different aspects and solutions for carbon smart urban green infrastructure, for example by modeling the soil carbon storage or studying the green areas. Many working packages have preliminary results and interesting papers can be expected to be published in the coming year.

Researchers supported cities in solving the climate crisis

The cities of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa are aiming for carbon neutrality by 2030. Urban Academy brought together researchers from University of Helsinki and Aalto University, and the decision-makers of these cities to discuss the most effective and wisest ways to cut emissions in the short and long term.

The climate-focused Science Sparring took place on August 29th, 2022. CO-CARBON researchers were well represented in the event. The event consisted of four separate discussions, each around one theme such as land use, construction, urban nature, and sustainable everyday choices. The approach of the event covered both the most acute and long-term sustainable climate actions. The researchers initiated the dialogue by talking about the possibilities of cutting emissions by wood construction, properly implemented carbon sinks and opportunities brought by sustainable land use policy measures in curbing climate change and adapting to the crisis.

After the sparring, city council members gave good feedback, and many highlighted the need for dialogue and discussion between the researchers and decision-makers. More information from here.

CO-CARBON was present at Strategic Research – Scientific Conference: A fair, just and sustainable society

Research programmes of the Strategic Research Council hosted a conference about a fair, just and sustainable society and it took place on 12-13.10.2022. The Conference was targeted at researchers within projects financed by the Strategic Research Council in particular, but it was open to all interested scholars.

CO-CARBON took part in Climate solutions NOW webinar (Ilmastoratkaisuja NYT)

Climate change and human -programme of the Strategic Research organized webinars to enhance the dialogue between scientists, local actors and climate policymakers. CO-CARBON hosted the webinar on 2.12.22 by questioning what is the current situation of urban green in the climate dialogue.

The webinar started by Ranja Hautamäki´s and Liisa Kulmala´s presentations about the CO-CARBON research and results and opened discussion about the role of the urban green as a part of climate policy and targets. Annotation for the statement was hold by Samuli Alppi, senior ministerial adviser from the Ministry of the Environment. He spoke about the reform of the Land Use and Building act process and about the discussion for the EU´s biodiversity strategy.

Webinar continued by focusing on the decisions-makers work and practical solutions. First researchers Natalie Marie Gulsrud and Anton Stahl Olafsson from Copenhagen University presented Copenhagen’s climate policy, climate mitigation and adaptation work and solutions. Then environmental coordinator Aino Kulonen from Lahti presented how the city is targeting the same issues.

Webinar had more than 90 participants and there was also time for discussion and questions. Given feed-back was good and highlighted the need for carbon smart urban green results but also the need for local solutions.

What can be expected in the year 2023?

Coming year´s first newsletter opens CO-CARBON research: what working packages have done and what they are expecting to do and publish along the year.

CO-CARBON festival will be back on Friday 25.8.2023. The event will last two-days and will focus more on the research and working packages. It is targeted to researchers, decision-makers and other interested audience. On Saturday 26.8.2023 the CO-CARBON event will be open to public with seminars, urban green guided walks and other events. More information will be given later.

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