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CO-CARBON at Sustainability Science Days 2022

On May 18th – 19th 2022, Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science (HELSUS) and Aalto University organized an international two-day Sustainability Science Days 2022 conference. This year’s  conference, titled Systemic transformations to sustainable futures, was held on-site at Aalto campus in Espoo and online.

CO-CARBON presented some of the ongoing work and results in the session Carbon drawdown: Reverse-logistics for a carbon economy. Joyson Ahongshangbam talked about CO2 flux measurements on urban lawn using eddy covariance, and especially about the effect of maintenance and construction practices. Minttu Havu’s presentation focused on estimating the biogenic carbon sink of the city of Helsinki, and Hei Shing Lee presented on the topic of maximizing carbon sinks and storages of urban green areas at Hiedanranta, Tampere. Caroline Moinel talked about the life cycle approach to urban green spaces. After the session, followed up questions and discussion were continued.

Picture: Sustainability Science Days 2022

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