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HELSUS Youth Forum: Student perspectives on green space management

Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science (HELSUS) Youth Forum encourages sustainability dialogue between researchers and high school students.

On the 2nd of June, CO-CARBON was present at the HELSUS Youth Forum organized at Think Corner. The Youth Forum is an event created for high school students to interact with sustainability researchers, focusing on topics and research questions related to their school environment and everyday lives.

CO-CARBON was represented by Eugenia Castellazzi.

The event comprehended a panel discussion and a workshop. During the first part, 6 researchers presented their work around green urban development, fake news, biotechnology, food, education and social work. CO-CARBON was represented by Eugenia Castellazzi, research assistant in Working Package 3 that focuses on the social acceptability and perceived co-benefits of carbon-smart green infrastructure among urban residents. In the Youth Forum, she talked about Student perspectives on green space management. 

After he panel discussion, students and researchers gathered at Think Corner Lounge and were divided into subgroups to discuss about different challenges. The CO-CARBON challenge was How would you develop the green spaces around your school in a sustainable way? with the help of nature-based solutions.

The best solutions to implement around the school premises were a community garden, open lawn, green roofs and a sport field,  the student group stated. Students said they would prefer green spaces that can be used for different group activities over having concrete all around the school. A particular interest arose from turning some grey solutions into green ones, such as green playgrounds.

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Pictures: Ville-Pekka Niskanen, Helsus Youth Forum

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